Sunflowers in Autumn [Chamber Ensemble]
  • Sunflowers in Autumn [Chamber Ensemble]



    7' - 10'

    Chamber Ensemble

    [flexible instrumentation: Woodwind / Brass & Strings]


    Listen to an extract


    Sunflowers in Autumn : a vibrant yet fading reminder of the Summer that was; rich in colour, and still proudly standing tall when most other flowers have wilted long before. This piece explores the notion of a forgotten memory, and meanders gently though a journey of remembering, much like the hazy golden evenings of Summer.


    Sunflowers in Autumn was commissioned by Ty Cerdd through their CoDI Chamber programme, and premiered by the Berkely Ensemble at St. David's Hall 'Night Music' in April 2019.

    © 2020 Sarah Lianne Lewis

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