(re)- [Marimba & Electronics]
  • (re)- [Marimba & Electronics]



    8' - 16'

    Marimba & Electronics


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    react. refine. rewrite. reimagine. recede. remain.


    (re)- sets out a collection of musical cells, with which the musician interacts and chooses how to respond, building and retracting layers of sound.


    '(re)-' was commissioned by gmem (CNCM) and was developed by Sarah Lianne Lewis (composer), Laurent Mariusse (marimba) and Pierre Fleurence (electronics) during a residency period in Marseille in April 2019. The premiere performance was given by Laurent Mariusse on 15th May 2019 in gmem's Les Musiques festival.

    © 2020 Sarah Lianne Lewis

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