of lines and traces [Piano Trio]
  • of lines and traces [Piano Trio]




    Piano Trio

    [Pno, Vln, Vcl]


    The impetus for of lines and traces came from the concept of architectural drawings, specifically those - and drawings - of the Glynllifon Estate in North Wales. The clean lines, and amount of white space on the page influenced the outer two movements, with the first movement reflecting the initial sketches and careful lines on the page, the second movement focusses on the detail of the drawings, and the mechanical nature of the measurements, with the final movement calmer once more, with small subtle details added before the architectural drawing is complete.


    of lines and traces was commissioned by the Bangor Music Festival 2017, and premiered by the Fidelio Trio on 18th February 2017.

    © 2020 Sarah Lianne Lewis

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