• 2017


    String Quartet & Tibetan Singing Bowls

    [2 Vlns, Vla & Vcl, 4 Tibetan Singing Bowls]


    Listen to an extract


    Falling blossoms. 
    Blossoms in bloom are also 
    falling blossoms.


    Ryokan’s poem explores the idea that flourishing is no different to withering, reflecting that each being on earth has a finite and fragile existence, but filled with much beauty. The natural decay of the singing bowl pitches creates a meditative atmosphere from which the stringed instruments’ material both appear and unravel, the notes of the percussion lingering longer than those of the strings. 


    Blossoms in bloom are also falling blossoms was commissioned by Sound and Music and Quatuor Bozzini through their Composers' Kitchen Residency, and premiered by Quatuor Bozzini at soundfestival in October 2017.

    Blossoms in bloom are also falling blossoms [String Quartet & Tibetan Bowls]


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