I’ve recently been chosen by Sound and Music to take part in their Embedded residency with Quatuor Bozzini and their Composers’ Kitchen.

I’m thrilled to be a part of such an exciting project, working alongside Quatuor Bozzini, Sound and Music and soundfestival, all of whom champion the creation and dissemination of new music.

When talking to Quatuor Bozzini initially, I was particularly struck with how keen they were to encourage the practice of creating and developing the music, rather than focussing on the goal of polished, finished piece.

It’s so refreshing for me to have the pressure of producing a ‘perfect work’ removed, and work in an environment where I’ll be bringing fragments and wisps of music to the April workshops in Montréal.  Some of the material may work wonderfully, others may not work, or may be changed and developed with the quartet’s input.

This will mark the first time I’ll be writing for string quartet since my university studies, so I’m looking forward to experimenting with new sounds and exploring methods of notation and discussing issues of notation clarity with the quartet and my fellow composers.

Sound and Music’s Embedded project with Quatuor Bozzini, as part of Composers’ Kitchen, features a musical ‘foreign exchange’ between four UK and Canadian composers, offering the opportunity to have their works premiered in both Montreal and at soundfestival: Scotland’s festival of new music. UK composers Lawrence Dunn and Sarah Lianne Lewis will exchange with Jason Doell and Rebecca Bruton, under the mentorship of Bryn Harrison (UK) and Linda Catlin Smith (Canada).

Read more about the project from Sound and Music’s press release.