Sond’Ar-te International Forum for Young Composers 2014

Sarah was selected to attend the 3rd International Forum for Young Composers (under the age of 40), organised by the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble which took place in Cascais, Portugal from 2nd – 7th March 2014. The forum aims to stimulate the creation of and circulation of new music.

“The 3rd International Forum for Young Composers is a privileged pedagogical space for exchanging aesthetics, ideas and knowledge within the various aspects of musical creation, namely: composition, intepretation, new instrumental techniques, new technologies connected with music.”

During the Forum the young composers had the opportunity to work individually and collectively with recognized composers: Ângela Lopes, António de Sousa Dias, Laurent Cuniot,Miguel Azguime, Simon Emmerson; as well as with the musicians of the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble.

In particular, Sarah focussed on learning about electronic techniques and how to use them effectively within chamber music, which influenced chamber music projects she had with ENOA and Silbersee in 2014.