Herne Hill Festival 2014

Sarah was commissioned to write a piece for the London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra and pupils of the Lambeth’s Tippett Music Centre, through the Herne Hill Composer Project 2014.

During the project, Sarah visited the Tippett Music Centre, to observe the children’s rehearsals and have a chat with them, as well as their tutors, in order to gain an understanding of ability range within the orchestra.

The concert, on 18th October 2014, featuring two of Sarah’s pieces; From These Roots We Rise, written for the pupils of the Tippett Music Centre and the London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra, and a new orchestration of Figure of a King (the original chamber version of which was shortlisted for the William Mathias Prize in 2013).


  • From These Roots We Rise – Children’s Orchestra (2014)
  • Figure of a King – Chamber Orchestra (2014)