Sound and Music – Embedded: Composers’ Kitchen

Sarah was selected to work alongside Canadian string quartet, Quatuor Bozzini through their Composers’ Kitchen 2017, in partnership with Sound and Music, and soundfestival (Scotland). She was joined by fellow UK composer Lawrence Dunn, Canadian composers Jason Doell and Rebecca Bruton, and composer mentors Bryn Harrison (UK) and Linda Catlin Smith (Canada).

During this project the composers spent 10 days working closely with the Quatuor Bozzini in workshops creating initial material in MontrĂ©al in April 2017, which was performed in an intimate concert setting in MontrĂ©al’s Maison des Jeunesses musicales du Canada.

They then workshopped and refined works that were rehearsed and performed at soundfestival in Aberdeen in October 2017.