I’ve been recently selected to take part in Cheltenham Composers Academy 2016, where I’ll be writing a new work for Mantras Piano Duo.

The Cheltenham Music Festival Composer Academy is a course that has proven in its first three years to be hugely stimulating, wide-ranging and influential.  Participants will have their compositions workshopped, performed and recorded by the Dr K. Sextet and Mantras piano duo, attend a range of premiere performances at the Cheltenham Music Festival, and have access to industry professionals in a series of panel talks that will discuss craft and contemporary aesthetics along with career development. Workshops will be steered by a range of composers whose new works are being heard during the Festival.

I’ll be focussing on fragments (or, more accurately, small movements) from a larger piece that I’ve had in mind for some time.  It will be a work exploring the individual moons of Saturn (62 in total, as of 2016), where the duration, amount of notes per movement, and tempo will be derived directly from mathematical data of each of the moons.