Archipel Ose ! Academy 2017

Sarah has been selected to take part in the Archipel Ose ! Academy 2017.

The Academy is directed by Kaija Saariaho and Daniel Kawka (conductor of Ose ! Orchestre Symphonique). She’ll be spending the 19th-26th of March in Lyon, Annemasse (France) and Geneva (Switzerland) for seven days of workshops, meetings, rehearsals and the final concert, where she’ll be re-orchestrating Is there no seeker of dreams that were?, first performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales in February last year.

Archipel Festival

Founded in 1992 at the request of the City of Geneva, Archipel is the main festival in Switzerland entirely devoted to today’s music. The Archipel festival takes place every year in spring and lasts ten days. Archipel is interested in all forms of musical creation: stage and multimedia works, improvisation, electro-acoustic music, sound installations, chamber and symphonic works.

Ose ! Symphonic Orchestra

Founded in 2013 by the conductor Daniel Kawka, Ose ! offers to musicians and associated artists a unique artistic and human experience around the ideas of invention and creativity. Its renewed and lively vision of symphonic music and its concert touring policy foster the meeting between varied publics and make access to musical works and musical emotions easier. In 2017 together with Archipel Festival, Ose ! will create the Archipel Ose ! Academy dedicated to young international composers.